I fritter away a lot of time. This bothers. I have a stack or two of notecards I ostensibly use to keep track of what I should be doing in my sparer time. It’s been a week since I used them. I instead allow urgent or interesting tasks to fill my time. I don’t exert my will over this time like I ought.

I don’t wonder that GTD is so popular online. It really is the ultimate self-help cottage industry. Promises of satisfaction for engaging in bite-sized tasks with Pavlovian-addicting rewards (productivity!) and a requirement for some physical products (book, labler, etc.) add up to a healthy economic niche.

I spent 45 minutes watching foxtrot and tango videos on youtube yesterday. This wasn’t nearly as mch fun as the ballroom dance classes I recently completed.

I have, in my stack of notecards, a couple tasks that cannot be broken down into any further smaller, more manageable chunks. They start with words like “Research” and “Draft”. I usually just work on the ones starting with “call”, “reply”, and “check” instead.

If I had an accurate brand, my logo would be of a slowly-leaking tire, doing most things right, but heading for reinflation or replacement.

I fear the most worthwhile thing I’ve been doing in my spare time is rereading Jane Eyre.

P.F. Hawkins


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