Decisions, decisions

I’m not just being quiet here, dear hypothetical reader; I’m sitting on a couple of posts, waiting for the perfect time to post them. I realize that they are going unread just sitting on my hard drive. It’s just that I’m not confident that they are any good.

One of the posts is the first in a series of posts on authors who choose to utilize their first and middle initials in public, rather than their full names. (Thanks to the reality of domain names, and the fact that some organist beat me to it, I’ve decided to go down this route as well.) Interesting concept for a series, or a complete dud? Who knows until I actually post?

But the first post in that series I’ve written, on G.K. Chesterton, blows. Well, it’s not horrible, but it has no zest. Which, for a post on someone as witty as Chesterton, is inexcusable. It’s got the one funny anecdote, but I’m still not sure about the whole format for it.

The other post I’m sitting on is another review, on another science fiction novel to which I had another “meh” reaction. It was simply blah. And is that really worth letting the whole world know?

The Other Distraction

My other distraction is trying to start learning django so I can write my own content management system that not only keeps track of what I publish to this site but also as much information as possible on books I’ve read, as well as tracking the books I own. I want an insanely detailed database of what books I’ve read, which ones I own, perhaps a mini-review or mini-impression of every single one, an easy-for-me system for gathering that information all in one place and setting down to write a review. But time I work on that is time I’m not writing something for the website as it is. Which is wordpress. And I’m not sure I want to get addicted to some wordpress features that I’ll have to take much time, as well as wailing and gnashing of teeth, to properly re-implement in my custom django solution. Icky.

The Third Distraction

Which brings us to the little matter of hey, pf, if you’re working on this website as much as it sounds like, are you actually writing any fiction like you promised yourself? To which I would say, “Hah! Of course not.” I’m not writing more than a few hundred words a week, which would get you a short story a quarter after revising. Not a good schedule. I need to amp up my output. Big time.


The good thing about having a personal website is that you can whine as much as you want. Whine whine whine!

P.F. Hawkins


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